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*** The Kikelet Club Hotel is centrally located with a wonderful view combining a charming building boasts many facilities, which is perfect for a relaxing retreat and active adventure both as a starting point. The Cave, the Adventure Park, the beach and the renewed Miskolctapolcai Bobpályához 5 minute walk leads through parkland in Miskolc.... More...

Room type No. guest Price for 2 nights
Single room privat (1 persons)
78.13 €
Double room private (2 persons, 1 double bed)
103.13 €
Double bed apartment (2 persons, 1 double bed)
128.13 €
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from 30 €/guest/night

Fortune Hotel is located in Miskolc-Tapolca center of the resort, a few minutes' walk from the cave, 5 km from the center of Miskolc. distance. Fortuna Hotel is an ideal spot for swimming, hiking, Miskolc and programs around the town, northern Hungary explorer party -and all-day excursions. The scenery and the atmosphere in all seasons... More...

Room type No. guest Price for 2 nights
Single room privat (1 persons, 1 double bed)
70 €
Double room private (2 persons)
120 €
Double room superior (2 persons)
133.33 €
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Hotel Szeleta is in Miskolc-Lillafüred, inside the Bükk Mountains National Park. Because it is located at the eastern gateway to the Bükk Mountains, nestling in a beautiful valley surrounded by forests and on the banks of the river Szinva. It’s also excellent for business people visiting Miskolc – after a tiring day what could be better... More...

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Miskolctapolca the heart of Central Europe's only warm water and medicinal Cave from our hotel 100 meters away. Our hotel is a *** - **** and - V offers a range of accommodation. In a *** - wing standard rooms and panoramic rooms are available. They are equipped with a bathroom with shower, robes towels, hair dryer, telephone,... More...

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The Calimbra Wellness and Conference Hotel **** Superior was Miskolctapolca jewel, which is the world-famous cave a few minutes away. The building of terraces, pergolas make it special, which is exquisite setting, in the Beech hegyvonulatára views await you. The hotel's Mediterranean colors - sunshine yellow, olive green, orange, brown... More...

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The proverb says, where the rainbow hits the ground, there is hidden treasure. And where the northern lights? They're the embodiment of serenity and delight! Hotel Aurora **** harmonic light show, a four-star worthy modern elegance and comfort contributes guests complete recycle, kikapcsolódásához.Miskolctapolca newest hotel, opened the... More...

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Hotel Kitty       - Miskolctapolca

Jewelry Box in Oak Hills, the park Cave Hotel Kitty Miskolctapolca natural park, the entrance to the famous Cave Bath just a few steps away. As a result, customers or robe and slippers átsétálhatnak the bath. It was important to make the building fit into its environment, so classic, friendly architectural design with cutting-edge technology... More...

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Alfa Hotel - an active vacation island Alfa Hotel and Wellness Centre Miskolc-Tapolca the cave a few minutes walk from the ancient Tapolcai Park neighborhood. A wellness hotel services, comfort and elegance, yet offers guests a family atmosphere. Why is the name of an active vacation? The wellness in Miskolc-largest (116m2) swimming pool... More...

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Guesthouses in peace those who wish to recommend. The beautiful natural environment of silence, clean air, madárdal, with tücsökzene is located in the proximity of the cave. Hence it is not appropriate car to go to the bath, as in the parking lot just 300 meters from us. The grass and fruit trees planted in our garden a comfortable rest,... More...

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